online audio masteringDon’t waste your money on a bad mix. If you’ve recorded in the past then you know how important mixing and mastering is on the final version of your recording. The first thing a consumer or industry professional is going to notice is the sound quality. Our audio engineer Jawad Mills is guaranteed to give you a final mix you will be proud to promote. He has over 15 years experience and is one of the best mixing engineers you’ll be able to find.

We are available for mixing and mastering services even if you didn’t record locally in our studio.

Online Mixing and Mastering

We can help you focus on your most valuable skills like recording and making beats. Our engineer spends every day mixing and mastering. Send your recordings over to us and you will be guaranteed to receive the same professionally mixed final product in return every time.

Mixing and Mastering Rates

Our normal price for mixing and mastering a song without any pitch correction on the vocals would be $200. We do offer a discount on the first song depending on the complexity of the mix.

1) Use the form below to send any details on how you want the song mixed.

2) E-mail the rough draft of the song to

We will respond back with the discounted price for your first mix and mastered song and advise you of the turnaround time. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at (904) 352-0500.

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    Professional Mixing and Mastering Services

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